Having invested substantially in the best packing equipment the
industry has to offer ISS can ensure that each pack and every piece
of produce is handled and finished in the most quality conscious and
cost efficient way.



In a country that is demanding more and more availability of ‘ready
to eat’ products, our ripening centre delivers exactly that. With
experience across a whole range of products, coupled with our state
of the art ripening rooms, we deliver the right product, ‘ready to eat’
every time.




Warehouse incorporates 3,400 pallet spaces of variable temperate controlled chilled storage, in 10 separate cold store chambers.






With the ability to intake / handle and dispatch over 1000plts per
day, our consolidation services are 2nd to none. Multiple loads /
cross docking / efficient and safe building of loads are just a few
notable areas of the service we offer, to provide savings on
customer transportation and distribution costs.



Cross and Wells is ideally located on the east coast of Kent, within
easy reach to all southern ports, motorways and major distribution routes. Our network connections with multiple haulier operators,
offer our customers  and partners an array of different services to
meet all delivery  and collection requirements. Using these links,
we can offer a flexible and competitive distribution service.



The Company is committed to the efficient handling of fresh
produce ensuring it is safe to eat, satisfies all legal requirements
and meets all quality specifications demands by our customers and multiple. Our quality team hold a wealth of product knowledge and continued training ensures our methods remain current. We are committed to meeting customer orders and delivery schedules,
whilst offering an industry leading 1st class quality selection service.


Cross and Wells offers a customs clearing service for UK imported produce completing all necessary documentation and organising transportation of containers from portside to Sittingbourne.